For Sellers

Helping home seller’s is our niche.

We focus on helping home sellers.  We apply the right approach, strategy and marketing plan to help home sellers achieve their objectives.

We offer two unique guarantees that are designed to put our clients first.

We will sell your home at the price we promised, in the time frame we promised, or we will sell it without our commission.
We allow you to cancel your agreement at anytime, without obligation if you are unhappy with our server, no cost or obligation to you.

Our Process

Creating a Strategic Sales Plan

All-star performing athletes,  remarkable companies, great schools all have one thing in common.  They relied on a well-planned strategy to achieve their goal.

Since 2001 our founder has been selling REO, aka “bank owned properties”.   In the last 8 years the banks had to quickly learn how to maximize the sale yield from a home while shorting the time it takes to sell a home.

As a firm we helped to test various different strategic styles developed by our clients.  We learned what worked and what did not work.  We learned first-hand that strategy in home sales is much more complex than we had originally believed.  Armed with this new found information we decided to offer these proven strategies all home owner.   As a result, we have been able to help our clients put more money in their pockets in a shorter amount of time.


Creating a strategy starts with understanding who is on your side.

The current laws allow for a Realtor to work with a buyer and seller on the same transaction, without fully representing either side, aka “transactions broker”.

We believe that we cannot protect the best interest of our sellers if we are also engaged with the Buyer in the same transaction.  We prefer to have our Home Sellers represented by us with a single agency agreement, which basically means that we owe it to you to protect your best interest throughout the transaction.

In a civil case, would you want your attorney to defend you and be on the side of the plaintiff at the same time?  Of course not and they is why it is not legal or ethical for attorneys to do.  But over the years, Florida Realtors have lobbied your Florida legislature to make laws that favor the Realtor.

Most real estate companies will not allow their agents to sign a single agency agreement, because it takes a much higher level of liability and competence.  We are competent and accountable to our clients.  From the moment we engage with you in an agreement, we will represent you as a single agent.  Learn more about Single Agency.


Determining the right price is a crucial part of achieving the highest return in the least amount of time. There are a lot of factors that go into determining a home’s market value.

Valuation is an art as much as it is a science.  Depending on the perspective you may get a wide range of opinions of value, even from different appraisers.   Before we place your home for sale, we will get a value estimation from two team members, a third part real estate broker valuation and a property appraiser valuation.  With 4 different opinions of value from professionals, we are able to guide you in pricing your home more accurately.

Buyer Profiling 

Ever wonder why beer and sports car commercials are played during football games?  Market research knows that men are glued to the television during football.  Collectively, companies are spending money to market to “the right” target.  As the cost of marketing increases, companies are spending more to understand their buyers and what they want.

As a successful real estate brokerage, we take to time to understand the profile of the ideal buyer for your home so that we can effectively target them and highlight the key features that would engage them emotionally.  Perhaps your home is ideal for a first-time home buyer so we can offer them a home warranty for one year or offer them a commission rebate to give them piece of mind.  Maybe you have a home that is on a golf course to we can identify and market to avid golfers.   Who would pay more for a home with a golf course home? An avid golfer who often plays on the course or a person that like the nice kitchen the home offers?

Before the photos

First impressions are key when selling a home, so before the ‘for sale’ sign goes up, put in the time to make sure it’s in ship shape. Fresh paint, clean closets, and cheery flowers – there’s a lot you can do to make even the most humble of abodes look like a million bucks.   We can guide you in making decisions in the process.  We have a list of preferred vendors that can help get your home in tip top shape, before you sell.    On average the repairs we recommend yielded our clients a 47% return on the money spent to make the suggested repairs/improvements.

Marketing Your Home 

Most commonly, people think more is better.  When it comes to marketing an unique item with strong emotional connection, like a home, more is not better.  Better is better!  Extensive marketing alone will not cause the home to sell at the highest price.  Marketing is only one of the part of our extensive plan.  If we did the steps above correctly, and apply our marketing plan, the home will create amazing buzz and sell quickly for the highest return. Almost all buyers are online shopping so we design a plan to create buzz by targeting the right buyer for your home.

See more about  Our Marketing Plan

Home Showings 

Yeah!  We have a prospective client who want to see your home.  As part of the strategy, we make sure that we help to accomplish three key objectives:

  1. Accommodate the buyer’s agent showing request as conveniently as possible
  2. Have the home show in optimal condition. The property should meet or exceed the expectations we set with the online pictures and decription
  3. Get Feedback. We want to understand what the liked/ disliked about the home so that we can make adjustments for the next showing


Negotiations can make the difference of whether or not the home will sell, but even more importantly is whether or not we can get a better deal for you.  Every Dollar counts and there are other factors that we take into consideration that may matter to you, such has timing, person convenience, risk tolerance, etc. We will always remember who’s side we are on and fight for you.

Purchase And Sale Agreement 

The purchase and sale agreement is a legally binding contract which we do not take lightly.  Before we go into contract, we ensure that you understand it and that it matches your core strategy.  You don’t want to bind yourself to sell your home unless you have a clear picture of your plan.  We can also provide you with recommendations to an attorney and CPA to ensure that you are making a move that is best for you.

Managing the details

From the moment that we enter contract we engage with all parties to ensure that everyone is aware of all parties and timelines.  We have a dedicated team watching over the details and working with you and your agent to proactively  manage the process.

You’ll know what is happening every step of the way.  We customize your experience, whether you are looking for a weekly summary or a hourly update, it’s up to you.  Our team is committed to keeping you in the loop and making the sale process as smooth as possible.


The closing is the last step in the process.  When working with us, it is also the result of a well execute strategy and confirmation that you will be out client for life.

Other significant Considerations for the planning the right strategy

Home Warranty

In some cases, particularly when targeting first-time home buyers, offering to include a home warranty for a buyer, will generally increase the buyer’s comfort level and ability to pay more for the home.

Designer concepts and contractor estimates:

In some cases, it may make sense to get a designer renderings and contractor bids to help the prospective home buyer fall in love with a kitchen or bath that needs remodeling.


In some cases, particularly with older homes, it makes sense to have a “pre-listing inspection” to allow us to know what potential defects may be noted in the home inspection process.  This will allow us to handle the issue proactively.

Tax Consequences

Sometimes there are adverse tax consequences to selling real estate and we will take the time involve the right professionals to understand your situation and include it in our strategy.